Sun & Moon

by Timbre

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Sven B. Schreiber
Sven B. Schreiber thumbnail
Sven B. Schreiber This is a highly ambitious chamber music work - but fortunately not one of those, where ambition killed the inspiration of the music. On the contrary - Timbre Cierpke's compositions and arrangements are full of life and emotion, without any exaggerated artistic showdown. Be prepared for 110 minutes of heartfelt art and epic pleasure. Favorite track: MOON: Sunset (O Lux Beata Trinitas).
Angel Clare
Angel Clare thumbnail
Angel Clare Transcendent and intricate. Captures the listener with incredibly powerful melodies, deep layers, and a magnificent melding of lyric and sound. Favorite track: MOON: St Cecilia: An Ode to Music.
Ben Koehler
Ben Koehler thumbnail
Ben Koehler This album is artfully sculpted, and displays the strength of talent and vision of Timbre. My personal favorite is Song of the Sun, which displays a similar cheerful and soothing sound to an Enya track, it just makes me smile! Favorite track: SUN: Song of the Sun.
Bo Becker
Bo Becker thumbnail
Bo Becker It's hard to explain in words how this album makes me feel, it makes me feel everything. This is by far the best work from Timbre and will absolutely be one of the best albums of 2015.. or even this decade. Favorite track: MOON: Day Boy: Photogen Sees the Moon.
siven thumbnail
siven A dreamlike blend of primarily harp and female vocals. Favorite track: MOON: Of Cloudless Climes and Starry Skies.
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Sun & Moon is the exploration of an idea: no art exists on its own. Art always influences art. This album explores the deep intrinsic relationship between popular music and classical music. “Sun” features music written and performed by my band, while “Moon” features classical music I have written for solo harp, harp & oboe, orchestra, and choir.

Playing with the ideas of reflection, shadow, light, and darkness, the two halves of Sun & Moon reflect one another, mirroring the relationship between these two art forms. Many of the musical themes pass back and forth between the two sides. A four-note motif begins “Sunrise” and ends “Sunset”, representing the space between light and dark, where everything blends together. This motif can be heard throughout both sides of the album, constantly blurring the thin separation between them.
With Sun & Moon I strive to paint vividly with the light, the joy, the passion of modern commercial music, and the darkness, depth, and richness of classical music, and show that together they can communicate beauty in greater depths than either can alone. My hope is that through experiencing these two languages of art, listeners will have a new, deep, and visceral experience of beauty, for beauty is more than an idea, but is a reality that is meant to be deeply known and experienced.

“Your eyes, they are so black. Darkness can’t see, of course. I will be your eyes, and teach you to see.” - The Romance of Photogen and Nycteris, George MacDonald


released April 7, 2015

Artwork: ER de Grey


all rights reserved



Timbre Nashville

Nashville based harpist/songwriter Timbre has been enchanting audiences across the world with her unique harp-based folk rock. Though featured playing harp with bands/artists such as Jack White, Ricky Skaggs, mewithoutYou, and the Chariot, her solo music is even more breathtaking. Her ensemble of musicians bring complete stillness to crowded bars and festivals, silencing audiences of thousands. ... more

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Track Name: SUN: Song of the Sun
Song of the Sun:

Oh little seed
Oh dying root
Oh tender leaves
Oh silver shoot

Lift your head, my darling one,
You were not built to die.
I’ll melt the frost enclosing you,
alive with open eyes.

I won’t break you,
I won’t burn you,
And I know that you are tired.

I’ll open your mouth so that you can drink,
so that you can sing again.
I’ll open your mouth so you can sing again,
so you can sing again with me:

We are standing in the sun,
And there is nothing light can’t touch!

I am alive!
Track Name: SUN: Your Hands Hold Home
There is home in your hands.
Wandering is still
Being still, being home.

Movement is lighter here
For I need carry nothing,
For with you there is no projection.

You see what no one sees,
Painting me with colours
I never knew I was.

I can see by the light
That shines from your eyes
On the path that was hidden.

Your silence is full.
I share in your stillness.
We speak with eyes, with hands,
With then and with now.

Your hands hold home.
Track Name: SUN: The Persistence of First Love
What is there left to say?
We’ve said it all before.
Where is there left to stand,
except for where we are?

There’s no other place I’d rather be
Than here with you.
Oh there are safer places, yes,
But I don’t want to be safe.

You say I should be somewhere else,
In arms stronger than these,
But I’m remembering a time
When they were not so weak.

Can I wait for those days
To return to me?
If you ask me to stay,
I’m not going anywhere.
Track Name: SUN: Singing and Singing
Who are we?
Those who are left,
are left alone.
Are we still real
When there is no one to see?

You don’t seem to see all of me,
Only what is dark.
Why must I become the rose
That only shows its thorns?

Pruning back what I thought,
I thought was growth.
Fragile branch, fragile hands,
my hands…
Hands that held,
Mouths that spoke,

I don’t know why
I don’t know why
I don’t know why
You would turn now,
You would turn away
From what we’ve built.
What was meant to be a shelter,
Now is just a wall.

What we once held sacred in our eyes,
Now is what divides us,
What defines our separate lives.
Seeds we planted,
Watered, tended,
Try to bloom in dark.

Desert flowers fully bloom
Though no man sees.
I am not held,
I am tied to your eyes.

I can be even when you don’t see.

I can be even when you don’t see,
Singing and singing and singing.
Track Name: SUN: I Am in the Garden
As the sun hangs still in the sky
So you can rest with me.
I'll turn the very earth to see you,
To see your beauty.

I have taken your walls down,
Still you hide from me.

Oh I am in the Garden,
Come and find me,
I want to be found.
Oh I am in the Garden,
I'm not hiding,
But I want to be found.

The light on the leaves of the tree
Is like your gentleness to me,
Soft and bright,
Heavy and light,
Tangible mystery.

You have taken my walls down,
But I’m afraid to be seen.

Oh I am in the garden,
Come and find me,
I want to be found.
Oh I am in the garden,
I’ve been hiding,
But I want to be found.

Turn your face, my little sunflower, 
Turn your face to me. 
Come and sit beneath our tree.
Come and sing with me.
Sing with me.
Oh I am in the garden, come find me, I want to be found. 
I am in the garden, come find me, I want to be found.

Every word that you whisper,
I'll sing back to you.
Track Name: SUN: Chicago Pier
I painted pictures of us,
In shadows, on pains of glass.
Your words were gentle stones.

I feel this shatter around me,
Buildings of a deserted city,
Falling away.

Maybe this will come back to me.
Maybe this will be given back to me.

The city will have new walls.
The shadows will have names
And shimmer into shape.

Maybe this will be given back to me,
Come back to me.

All my hope is who you are
Not how you answer what we are.
All my hope is who you are,
not how you answer.
Track Name: SUN: Morning Birds
Morning birds sing to wake us from what should we should not dream.

Morning birds sing to us words we spoke in dark, in sleep.

Morning birds, sing again, when he returns to me.
Track Name: SUN: Night Girl: Nycteris Sees the Sun
If I have only seen night,
Can I imagine the day?

If the moon is more real than my lamp,
Then how much more shall be the sun?

If what I knew were shadows,
Reflection within reflection,
Then I am lamp and moon and sun,
Waiting for what is real.

I will abandon my cave
And trade dancing shadows for light.

For this, I will spend myself,
And if I burn, I’ll burn.
Track Name: MOON: Sunset (O Lux Beata Trinitas)
O lux beata Trinitas,
et principalis Unitas,
iam sol recedit igneus,
infunde lumen cordibus.

O Trinity, blessed light
And principal Unity,
Now as the fiery sun sets,
Pour thy light into our hearts.
Track Name: MOON: St Cecilia: An Ode to Music
Ora pro nobis, Sancta Caecilia. (Pray for us, St Cecilia.)

We shall make music,
and with our song
we shall paint
what we cannot see.
We shall sing
the truth no man can speak.
To know the Unknowable Love
To speak the Unspeakable Name

We shall make music
and like St Cecilia,
who chose to die
with song on her lips
and heard voices yet unheard,
we call heaven and its light
to retune our strings
to bring beauty to our dissonance.

We shall speak the Unspeakable Name.

We shall resonate together,
feeling spirit vibrate in our bones,
feeling ourselves resonate
with higher planes
reaching beyond what's heard,
hearing it sung back to us.

We shall speak the Unspeakable Name.

Deep calls to Deep:
Come to us!
Track Name: MOON: Sanctus
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus

Dominus deus sabaoth

Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria tua

Hosanna in excelsis deo

Holy, holy, holy

Lord God of hosts

Heaven and earth are full of Your glory

Glory to God in the highest

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